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    Quote Originally Posted by Zippy View Post
    The tails on my first 2 boards were too thick for me. The inability to sink them in a turn made the board feel very skatey and non-positive? I guess I would say it had no bite and was hard to pivot off of the point of the swallow. The last board I shaped I fiinshed and put it up until glassing. When I pulled it back down the tail just looked wrong so I tapered it down to just under an inch at the very back. Turned out to be one of the best boards I shaped and I am pretty sure it was that thin tail end that did it.
    that makes alot of sense. thanks for the reply and insight

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    Hey jml7140

    We'll guide you to design and shape a board that is magic in its own way. There are a lot of subtle things you can do to your shape that will help you ride waves exactly the way you want.
    Looking forward to getting started with you!

    Shape Your Surfing Experience

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    Thanks Brian

    I've been looking forward to this for a while now - it's a christmas present from my fiance.

    What an awesome f'n fiance!