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    Super Long Range Forecast

    Well, well, well. The GFS and GFDL models have a tropical cyclone forming off the SC coast within the next 48 hours. As of tonights' Sattelite run and Quickscat information and the fact that pressures are falling in the this area, it appears that a cyclone may be forming as we speak. NHC has classified this disturbance as Invest 99 and is planning on having a Hurricane Hunter on standby for a possible recon tommorrow.

    Beside all the above, it appears on the Super Long Range that this system may meander just offshore for awhile creating nice SE fetch from it's interaction with a strengthening 1028 ridge sliding SE across Bermuda. Watch out OBX and Mid-Atlantic! IF the models hold true, you may start feeling some pre-runner SE swell of 9 sec@1.5 feet on Thursday. With respect to the best case scenario track, seas are modeled at 12-18 feet and with swell decay of 500 miles or so, the SE swell will increase in size to about 2.5 -4 feet @ 8 secs on Friday into Saturday.

    Keep your fingers crossed. I think that Big Kahuna has made us suffer long enough...see ya out there!
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