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I have lived and surfed on Hilton Head Island for 22 years. The reason I havent replied is that I have been in Melbourne Fl. surfing. I started surfing on North Forest Beach which has a good sand break near Jacana St. But you have to know someone who lives there to park. The rich own it all! The most popular break is Burkes because it is free to park and has the folly twisting by it to create another sand break. We usually have 2-3 foot swells with larger sets in storms. We also have sand banks surrounding the island that break up the good swell before it hits us. Our biggest problem is the tides. We are so shallow and have 8 foot tidal changes which create their own swells. Problem is that if the tides not coming in - it is flat - even on good days. So we have only a 2-3 hr. window to surf. Too bad if high tides are in the dark! We also have Hunting Island to the norht and Tybee to the south. I dont know why everybody is talking Folly Island and Myrtle Beach - they are as alien to people down south here as California or Hawaii. Hell, Myrtle B. is probaly 400 miles away. Dont know - never been there. We live closer to Savannnah. We go on day trips to Jacksonville which is usually firing. If you come here - bring a long board! If you play golf - STAY AWAY! We have enough riche snobs not allowing us access to our beaches! And to the guy who said there are only 20 surfers on HHI - needs to come here.
There are app. 350 surfers on this island I would say.
Sorry! Iwas only there for a week. I saw the same dudes every day. thats where my 20 surfers came from. As far as the guy that was saying "don't talk about secret spots or your dead" I never have in my entire life concerned myself with that. I guess I like a good fight too!