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Thread: Traction pads

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    Quote Originally Posted by leethestud View Post
    yah iv had at least 6 gorillas, never a one came loose. did you wait 48 hours after applying, like the instructions said...?
    Whats instructions? People actually read those things.Zach,I think I will go with that super glue route next time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zach619 View Post

    As far as longboard and track pads, I would never think to use them. The reasoning behind my usage of the track pad is all shortboard technique related... You dont stomp on the fin boxes of longboads, and there is a slightly larger sweet spot so you really dont need to hang your heel right on the tail of the board.... Its usually up a bit for me on a long board... But maybe som LBers like it. I personally don't know any long boarders that have a track pad, and I know quite a few longboarders.
    I recently came into a fascination with lbing through watching joel tudor clips and I know some of the older dudes around here use traction pads. Much like you, i didn't really see the point of it since it's meant for stomping, but was kinda curious. I'm really excited to try my walden out soon since I taught myself on a shortboard, and I've never had the longboarding experience.
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