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    Quote Originally Posted by Scobeyville View Post
    Snapppp. I did not know Parlor mob was from Red Bank. I saw them at Stone pony last winter - simply amazing. The lead singer's voice sounds the same as on the studio album.
    Yeah man, they kick ass. I was at that show by the way.

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    I second Status Green, Lou's awesome

    if you like Metal and awesome instrumental work than Last Red Ember is one of the best nj bands(all from ocean county) and Negative Sky as well.

    I have no idea how to post a link and i dont care to learn, but im sure you can find both these bands on fb and reverbnation.

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    fifty year storm! my buddy sam's band. he's an artist for instinct skateboarding too

    ya parlor mob is sweet too

    nicole atkins is getting pretty big too - she was on conan or something. she's from neptune

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    sick shaping video with local band LOOSE FIT's leaving song