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    i bought a 3/2 mutant from spellbinders along with gloves and booties. the worker there was really nice and helped me buy my suit and helped me with the gloves and boots. he wasnt all about money because he offered me other cheaper suits but i stuck with the mutant. he even gave me info on how to put on the boots, gloves, and hood correctly. all in all, it was a nice shop and the worker saved me a lot of trial and error. everyone from eastern lines, brave new world, and spellbinders was helpful and they should be criticized (from my POV)

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    Also, when will I be able to start going

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    Quote Originally Posted by lemon View Post
    Also, when will I be able to start going
    If you don't mind being a little chilly, you can go out when the water is just under 50. I've got the 3/2 Mutant and have done sessions in 48-49 water. You shouldn't really have a problem once it gets above 50 though.

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    you know when that will be in nj?

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    wavejammer,lavallette,Scott,best service,better prices than any online

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    Quote Originally Posted by lemon View Post
    you know when that will be in nj?

    hopefully later this month...early may at the latest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scobeyville View Post
    First off, I get 84 bars off wax for $50 online so i dont need a shop for that. Shop owners and employees feel like they are "owed" something by the community, when in actual reality you owe us! Capitalizeing on OUR sport, selling ****ing softies to tourist clogging the line up
    second, i have done $5,000+ wetsuit orders for my college team. The wholesale price is almost HALF than the MSRP. the major letter in there is SUGGESTED retail price.
    The company suggest the shop owner sell the product for $X,XXX so they can make their 40%
    interesting discussion here. since a forum is a place to discuss opinions here is my take. i have had the pleasure of working in the surf industry since i was 17. i have had the chance to work on both coast for leading surf companies. the industry standard on wetsuits is that shop owners mark the price up 40% from the wholesale price. a majority of wetsuit companies pre label the suit with that markup price in mind. the manufacturer does not take into account what it cost in shipping to get there. after its all said and done the shop owner no longer gets his 40% markup. try more like 30%. which means that if something costs $30 bucks to get in, the shop owner gets to sell it for $39. thats after u factor in shipping and employee pay. that $9 profit is so they can give the customer the product they need instantly. that is what a local store in any industry is about, providing the customer with the product instantly. here is a good trick to see if your local shop is hosing you on price. look for the manufacture's preprinted label. 90% of the time there is usually a printed price on there that is the industry standard price. if that label is missing, blacked out, or covered over there is a good chance that store owner is hosing you.
    local stores do alot for the value of the community's value in regards to housing prices, the local economy, deisre to live there, and things of that nature. if you dont believe me than cruise through a town where the stores are all boarded up. good chance the town resembles a ghost town, and the local economy isnt doing so well.
    scoobeyvile mentioned that the local shop is the reason the line up is clogged with soft boards. well that is just crazy. its the internet's capability to provide any subject at a blink of an eye. surfing used to be only accessible in coastal locations. a majority of the people would only experience it while on a day trip or on vacation. now people can access their surfing fix via the web, and their need to try to surf is nurtured by that. hell, you can even get the surfing feeling on cruise ships now.
    surfing used to be its own little culture experienced by a small group of people, but that was put to an end when the large companies started flooding their product in the malls via pac-sun, zoomiez, ...etc. its the big surf companies themselves that have taken surfing from the local beaches to the farm in pennsylvania and back again. you complain that the mean old surf shop doesnt give you a deal, like the internet, and that they are marking up the product so much. well keep in mind that really cheap item you bought on the internet was purchased by that company for only a few dollars. you maybe getting a suit for $80 but that really cool internet site bought it for only a couple bucks. who is the one really marking things up? hey every one loves a deal, but keep in mind if you dont support your local stores(no matter what they sell) there wont be anymore downtowns to go to. there are plenty of surf stores around here that give deals, and there are times that the price you are getting for items is exactly what the shop owner paid for it. giver your local shop a try before you go to the web. you might get a way better experience.