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    Billabong XXL Ride of the Year

    just checked out this video on surfline...the first clip with Mikey Brennan is f*ckin' sick, i can't even believe he managed to land and regain control, but I'd say the winner is Mark Healey...the balls you got to have to paddle into a monster like that....

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    did he say "gnarway"?

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    that barrel air drop is mindfukcing

    I used to think these big wave Guys were absolutely out of their mind retardedly sht eating crazy.

    But its not true they are just really talented.

  4. I was lucky enough to live 10 mins from from Mullaghmore for 10 years. Ireland has waves as good as Hawaii. Stoked to have my friend Easkey nominated for the girls big wave.

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    mark healy did have a gnar wave....however. the good sir at shipsterns (brennan i believe) pulled off one hell of a recovery while amidst a gargantuous barrel