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    Futures and FCS fins for sale

    Vector Tech Foils VF 460 Blue texallium tri set $25 used but in decent shape
    AM2 475 Fiberglass tri set SOLD
    Vector 2 FJC1 460 Fiberglass SOLD
    Vector 2 FJC1 460 Fiberglass fronts only $10 clean

    TC Redline tri set $35 very clean
    PC-5 tri set $35 clean
    MR Fiberglass fronts SOLD
    M7 Fiberglass fronts $20 used once
    M5 Fiberglass fronts $20 new

    Available for local pickup in central NJ or ship to you
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  2. I will PM you regarding the Futures. Thanks.

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    fcs fins

    Hey, do you still have ant fcs fins? I am interested. Please PM me.