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    Quote Originally Posted by Scobeyville View Post
    a few prostitutes have been camping out at giglo beach.

    - That was supposed to be a witty comment. I was not telling you to go pick up a pro!!
    There is a serial killer targeting prostitutes in NY and dumped their bodies in the dunes at giglo.

    they're calling him the long island ripper which is kinda funny from a surf perspective

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    hes a rippahhhhh - he prolly is a surfer. There is only one other thing to do when the surf goes flat. Proposition a hooker than kill her (That was a joke ragdolling)

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    that's not a real campground in Lido. It's really for RV's. If you have one, it's perfect. The closest camping you'll get is maybe 20 miles or more, east of LB. There's not really any camping in Nassau county (legally anyway). You want to look in Suffolk county (east) and there's plenty of surfing out there anyway, you won't need to come to LB, unless it's to see the quik.