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    Water and air temps in southern NC are good for a spring suit now as long as you have light wind and sunshine. If there is a decent breeze and or an overcast day I'd keep the 3/2 on. You really want the water to be at least 65 and the air temp 75 with sunshine and light wind for a decent session.

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    1mm full suit for me

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    Says here water temp is just shy of 70

    this may explain why so many bathers are in the water. It also has that beautiful emerald color that come with the gulf stream. If you're coming from the North you'd probably be okay with a hydroskin.

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    absolutely nothing more than a heater shirt needed. if the sun is out and its above 70, bareback. did it all weekend (ei/ab april 23/24), no problems. water is fantastic.

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    You have no idea how stoked I am to hear this. Im coming down to Carolina Beach next week, and coming from the hooded 5/4 full gear up here in Jersey its gonna be amazing to surf in a 3/2 and maybe even a spring suit. AHHH cant wait!
    I have been bagging it for the last week and its cold but not that bad...

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    It's still quite chilly in northern NC (Nags Head, KDH) about 58ish degrees, but I've been working with a 3/2 and boots (gloves optional) during the past week or so. You should be able to pull out the trunks in about 2 to 3 weeks hopefully. It's obviously warmer as you head south with the Buxton area in the mid to high 60s. As for camping in the area check out the Oregon Inlet Campground and also there are a few other places on Hatteras Island.

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    throw that spring suit on now. ive been in baggies and a top for about 2 weeks. its all about bare back! just around the corner.

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    Spring suit in Wrightsville Beach has been good to go the last week. But, today, with this NE wind howling and dark clouds, I'm definitely going to cover up with the 3/2.