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    8'6" surfboard question

    I am looking for some suggestions in brands/models for an 8'6" board.

    I am 6'1", 185 and an intermediate to advanced intermediate, have been surfing 6 years. I currently have an 8'1" McTavish Carver and a 9'6" Walden, but looking for an in between or all around board in the 8'6" size.

    I surf mostly around the Sea Girt, NJ area and Montauk. I have heard about the CI 8'6" Waterhog and the Matador boards, any suggestions on these or any other boards in the 8'6" size?

    Thanks in advance.
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    i have an 8'0 and a 6'2 cambell bros speed eggs. (im also much smaller then you). im guessing longer boards are your thing. im loving my speed eggs both of them. id try something much smaller for a different feel.

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    I agree with ^ If you already have the 8'1" McTavish and 9'6" Walden you might want to explore a shorter egg shape board. I've always thought the 8'6's were kind of a pointless zone between a mid size egg (7-8 foot depending on your size) and a true longboard (which it sound like you already have).

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    Don't fall in love with a particular length (or other dimension). 8-6's are neither fish (shortboards) nor fowl (longboards) and can be tricky to find at shops. There are lots and lots of high performance longboards out there at about nine feet. i am sooooo in love with my 9-0 Bing Trimulux that I don't know where to begin. knifey rails and a rounded pin. mmmm. noserides great and turns like a shorty when ridden at the tail. sticks like spiderman to a steep face. I also have a 9-4 custom made by Mark Brog ( from Redondo Beach. Round Pin with tucked-under rails and set up as a true thruster with 3x4.5" fins. Both boards paddle my 190 lbs quickly and get into waves early. getting into the wave early opens up lots of options.

    Hook up with a shaper in your area. If you enter the meeting with a blank slate, you will most likely end up happy.

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    I have an 8'6 hog and its a great board.Smooth and responsive.