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    guidebook recommendations

    So, I have a month or more to kill....I'm doing a NC surf starting around wilmington and ending up in Va beach sometime in may/june. Im looking for a book that shows surf spots and directions/details...any body know of a decent book like that?....And to all you locals... Im just passin thru, and I wont be gettin kooky and messin up your place. thanx, Barbecue

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    check out the Kook's Guide to Shredding. There are versions for every state on the coast for the us. I'm sure the nc and va volumes won't be hard to find. it'll show you all the reef and point breaks along the coast as well as the best times to surf them. Also it comes with an instructional dvd and a complimentary puka shell necklace so you can be shredding in no time.

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    thanx whitewater

    wow whitewater thanx, i went online to saltys guide to surf domination. lots of great pointers. where do you surf? maybe i can drop in on you.

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    i bet you learned to surf from a dvd...i made a couple of pukas last time i went to costa rica...the only thing im interested in "shredding" is cheese.

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    Check out Surfline...the have surf guides you can purchase and download. I live on the NC - SC border and got one for NC. They have every possible break and beach you can find. The also have directions on how to get to them as well. Got one for Costa Rica and NC and they are both great. Cost is about $14. Hope this helps.

    Pura Vida bro

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    go ahead and drop in on me bbq. Just don't break your hip doin it.

    If you wanna shred cheese then head to wisconson. you can shred some cheese and the great lakes.

    I'm sorry bbq, evidently since you've been to costa you're a legit surfer. I'm guessing though, since you need a book to tell you where to surf then you're not.

    I just find it funny in a sad way

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    While I certainly don't want to add to the pissing match, I just can't resist. The guy was simply asking for some advice. If you don't want to give it, no worries, then don't. Too much time on your hands??? I guess every time you've traveled to surf you knew exactly where to go? I know I've traveled quite a bit and didn't know all the spots... And the fact of the matter is, there are guides and resources that publicize spots so someone must be buying them and using them -- whether you like it or not.

    So back onto topic... The Stormriders Guide is a great book but a bit expensive. It doesn't contain every spot but gives you enough info that if you combine that with some good old research, will point you in the right direction. I have the North America version so you would be getting more than just the area you are looking for.

    Good luck and safe travels.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mostchillin View Post
    While I certainly don't want to add to the pissing match, I just can't resist. The guy was simply asking for some advice. If you don't want to give it, no worries, then don't. Too much time on your hands??? .
    I think that sh!ts funny haha

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    Whitewater, I think legit may be a matter of opinion...I started surfin before DVDs were even invented, I've owned at least half a dozen boards (I know, not a lot) and used them all in many places. I love the ocean and after gettin lost in life, I've come back to it. If I am not legit in your eyes or any others I really don't give a damn. I'm not interested in fitting into any of your "cliques"....I wasnt askin for surfing tips, I was trying to find out where some decent breaks are. With limited time and money, I'm just trying to make the most of my trip. I've surfed in NC before, but it was many years ago....since I've been out of the water for a decade, I thought I would get some guidance on where to get back in...that cheese I'm shreddin is goin into a fresh salad, (tryin to eat healthy).

    Mostchillin and imperial, thanx for the info. I'm grateful for a decent response. It seems theres no shelter from the bull**** storm anymore. I'm headin out today so no more computer time for a while. anyway....excelsior

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hack N Shack View Post
    I think that sh!ts funny haha
    at least someone gets it