Like I said before, I had the priviledge of free surfing with Taj and his boys before the trestles event earlier this year and man... That guy is going to win a lot this year. Maybe its just because being in the water with him was a completely different perspective than what you see from the beach, or on TV. But he surfs so much faster and with so much precision than in years past.... I think he is going to finally break through and start dominating. The guy is ridiculous... I felt the same way about fanning about 4 years ago... You could just tell that stuff was clicking and that he was on fire... And that if anyone was gonna battle kelly, it was him... Im thinking Taj is finally gonna break through... Maybe this week... I like the aussies on their home turf... Taj was murdering SoCal, so I can't wait to see him get lose back in OZ with the other boys.