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    yo micah i'm tryin to figure out if that one left wave with the bodyboarder on it is me... i made it out of a pretty deep left and i think thats the one..

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    i believe it is.

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    cool nice pics

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    Quote Originally Posted by gtaylor View Post
    nah it def. wasn't colin ... micah filmed him in the one and only MIA haha that video is sick if you surf or bodyboard it doesn't matter check it out... but yea micah i thought i saw you on the beach i was riding the black hubb ... you don't still live up near UD do you?? and i have those pictures from the one day a whillle back when you came out at dumps with chuck and tall ass dan soren and all them i have a sick shot of you i just need to upload them but i'll post them on here as soon as i do .. that kid was rippin i have no idea who it was but there was def. some good ass surfers out there today...

    Dude! Post those pictures! I would love to see them! that day was super fun and everybody out there was charging! If i remember correctly it was that saturday morning with the NE/SE mix swell? We need waves like that more often.

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    haha hell yea soren that day was mad fun only like 6 of us out... but yea im goin home friday for the weekend so i'll put them up there first thing friday.. are you able to ride again???

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    yea man i can ride now. i've been out a few times this summer and i can't wait until we get some decent waves... i couldnt have been hurt at a better time because it was almost completely flat for the 2 months that i was recovering! oh well, fall is almost upon us...

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    I can't wait to cut you off!!!

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    hahaha sounds like fun, yah fackin snake!!! yoour plan is going to backfire when i take nothing but closeouts! hahaha j/k

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    good to hear soren i'll see you at the spot next swell for sure... and chris wright is in my room right now and said your a *****

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    Soren gives handjobs for crack.