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Thread: OBX Question

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    OBX Question

    Im going down to OBX and the end of June, we are staying closer to more near Nags Head. What are the waves usually like that time. I was going to bring my 7'3 and thats all. I assume it will just be knee high.

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    bring a kite!

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    always bring everything. you never know what might happen.

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    June can offer some sizeable waves... In general, june is usually more reliable then July or August. When the Bermuda High settles in during the summer time, OBX benefits the most from the background SE swells, with frequent 2-3+ft playful surf.

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    depends on what ya want to ride

    Depends on what you like to ride, cause from nags head (depends on the mile post) you are within 40 minute ride from the best surf spot onthe East coast (my opinion, but i love rodanthe, from pea island to koa, and even down at salvo, my favorite place on earth) . The outer banks see waves all year long, not just fall and winter. Last year on the last weekend in June I scored shoulder high super fun waves at jeanettes pier (the new one) .

    Whats your quiver like?
    We get early tropical depressions that shoot some surf in June
    If you have a performance fish that grovels well bring that.

    put it this way i go down every weekend soon as the kids get out of school to nags head, even with a fresh forecast on a thursday leaving to go down on friday night and me having a real good idea of what the surf is going to be like for the weekend, i still bring two boards! My RNF for knee high surf and my shortboard just in case something like this happens.

    There can be two feet of differnece in a 40 mile stretch of sand on the OBX, granted it takes a while in summer (due to traffic to go that 40 mile stretch) but it could be waist high in nags head and S-turns could be head high and sptting chocolaty goodness.

    take a look at those photos and you tell me what you should bring....Slim chance it gets all time like these photos the week your there, but what if it does.. and you were going to bring a 7'-3" log!
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    why not just watch the forecast & make a decision a day or so before you leave?
    i will say that i'll be down there about the same time, but in buxton & i'm planning on bringing a good wave board & a groveller. i also store a log at my house there. regardless of what the conditions throw at me, i'll be covered.

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    i bet youll luck out and get some swell, bring em all

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    like everyone said go prepared.I go a couple of weeks every year and althought the forecast may look slack a lot can change in a weeks time. There are a lot more surfable days down there due to the different facing beach directions. Dont be afraid to travel south a little bit. LaST summer i checked the forecast for the week and it was no bigger than waist high. i only took my fish. By mid week a low pressure swept up the coast pushing some solid chest to shoulder swell which left me wishing i had brought my shortie. From now on ill go prepared.Dont forget your 3-2. Upwelling can drop the water 15 degrees in a days time that time of year.

  9. Hope this June is better than last June (2010)...Click on the following link for the history:

    Be ready for lots of 1-2 ft. SW windswell. You may want to bring a 10' log with your 7'3".

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    those pics from the air are sick. What swell was that from?