Hi guys,

I am a beginner-intermediate surfer going to central america for about 5 weeks sometime Oct-Dec. My plan is to stay 1,5-2 weeks at the same place and then go travelling and surfing at other places in central america.

Where should I go? I've heard costa rica is a good place to start, but a bit more expensive compared to nicaragua, guatemala and other places. I don't have my own board, so i need to go somewhere where there's rental shops. or is it better to buy a board if i'm gonna be thre for 5 weeks?

so my questions are:
anyone know a nice place to have as "base camp" for 1,5-2 weeks?
where should i go when i travel around (good surf spots)?
which countries are good for not that experienced surfers?
and most important of all, how is the surf this time of the year? is it better to go early october or late december? unfortunately, i'm only able to take 5 weeks off and the earliest time i can go is 1st Oct and i think i'll have to be back by christmas. so how, where, when?

grateful for all replies!