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    last night

    I went to a spot last night in downtown ocmd, after that thunderstorm we had and there were some really fun, perfectly glassy little peelers. Nothing special size wize, I'd say a consistent waist high wave, but just really playful, and perfect form. Super long lines too. Anybody else happen to catch it for sunset?

    Also thanks to everyone for all the info on the back problem... I'm on a regimine of egoscue, stretching, and accupressure that is working beautifully. I hope if anyone else struggles with that problem, they take some of the options on there and try them out, because there was some extremely usefull info there, that is helping me tremendously, and is completely free and natural. Thanks alot.

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    Find yourself a good chiropractor that isn't just a rack 'em and crack 'em chiropractor...find one that is holistic and checks it all out. It may be an added benefit to your regime.

    I see one up here in Jersey who is great. He checks you out completely before he adjusts you...some just do 'vanilla' adjustments which can be detrimental in some cases; mine does not..

    I tweaked my shoulder real bad last drilled the hardest I have ever gotten drilled. Probably separated my shoulder someplace around my clavicle. Went into a steady regime of icing, adjustments and stretching, etc. for about 4 months. While he did concentrate on my neck, shoulder and back on that side, he checked and adjusted everything so I was all lined up.. It is amazing how much can get knocked outta whack from a sudden, unexpected impact like I had.

    Good luck......