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    I'm an ex-wrestler (high school, collegiate, international), ex-wrestling coach, 56 year old guy who has had spinal surgery (so there are a lot of things I can't do!), but I still have a great and simple workout that always seems to have me ready for surfing adventures. I do sets of pull-ups, hanging body crunches (while doing the pull ups - slowly - not with inertia), push-ups, and squats to parallel with my feet about 1.5 to 2X shoulder width apart, one after another with as little rest as possible. It takes me about 16 minutes to do 4 sets to maximum, my heart rate gets up around 170-175 for much of the time, and it doesn't hurt any of my old injuries. The following article might be of interest. Have fun!!

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    Regular exercise is best for physical fitness. There are many exercises but according to me running and swimming are good activities for a healthy and fit body. Anyway all posts are nice and very informative.

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    ^ This guy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brovy View Post
    Anyway all posts are nice and very informative.
    ............Except yours.

    Just noticed he's banned. lmao wonder why

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    I use burpees as a big part of my training. One thing i would advise is to spring out of the push up position so that your feet end up exactly where your hands were. This move will definitely help your popup , adds explosiveness out of a prone position ,better balance, and helps getting a better stance

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    pull ups and push ups rock dude. I play Kelly Slater Surfing on PS2 for training my thumbs too.

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    Burpees a.k.a. "Squat Thrusts". We had to do countless numbers in wrestling practice in High School. Naturally seems like a staple exercise for surfing.

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    I agree with Burpees, they are brutal. Try throwing lateral jumps over a gym bag for mixing it up. P90 is good, but I think the DVDs called " Rush Fit", by George St Pierre are the best thing out there if you don't mind working out at home.