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    monmouth county kooks

    there are literally so many donkeys in the water this past weekend it blew my mind. take that **** somewhere else.

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    Wah Wah Wah. There was enough waves for EVERYBODY this weekend. If you wanted to surf alone you should have woken up earlier

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    nah i was on it early and in the afternoon and was pretty isolated the whole time i was in the water. i'm referring to the style abortions i see when these donkeys try to surf.

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    Why are you hating on their style? I don't get why it matters

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    helen keller could mind surf waves better than these dudes. there are a solid handful of kids that shred in monmouth county (the mcgillis brothers, brendan buckley, pat mac, cmac, tlonsdale s mcgrath) but the amount of style abortions out number the solid guys any day of the week.

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    heeee haaaaw!

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    Quit crying and clean up your beach...

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    hate to break it to you, but did you realize that just because you may suck at surfing doesnt mean that youre not allowed to do it? how do you expect people to get better? as long as theyre not gettin in anyone's way, then who gives a ****? and if they are getting in your way, kindly explain to them the "rules." you sound very ignorant. and you must be very angry at the world to make ur name "ihatelongboarders"... isnt this sport about having fun?

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    I said it to someone in the water on the 17th. "Shut up and surf" I didn't even know the kid but I had to defend him from this absolute prick. The kid (kooky) dropped on some longboarder. He got off as soon as he realized it was someone else's wave. The longboarder is literally racing to down the line to yell at the kid. "Shut up and surf" there was plenty of wave wasted b/c he wanted to bi*ch the kid out. Seriously, some ppl in the water are 5 years old and throw temper tantrums and ruin the vibe for everybody. Yes...there were kooks but again simply telling them what they did is ten times more effective that bi*ching. Just surf and enjoy it. We deal with enough As*holes out of the water. Lets make a movement to get THEM out of the water. Just b/c your "good" does not mean your entitled to talk to ppl any way you see fit. Nowadays you do not know who is trained and who is not. Keep it up and you'll be eating teeth. Show some respect even for the kooks or get the F*CK out the water!!! Lastly, if you were surfing a "kooky" beach doesn't that mean YOUR kooky...quaility was to be found EVERYWHERE!!!
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    why dont you post some pics of your own steez before you start hatin