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    Apr 2011
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    looking for a fish

    hi im looking for a 7 foot retro fish quad fin if anyone has one for sale.

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    We just finished a hollow wood fish board. 7'6" for $750. It's at: . In that photo it's not been finished but will be able to post more later this week.


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    A hollow board?? How does that work if u get a deep ding? sink??

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    Actually, you really don't have the same softness as with foam. I've dropped mine on pavement and scratched it. Tom ran me over one time and his fin just left marks. We us epoxy with good glass and it's basically bullet proof. We've never had anyone ding one of our boards. I suspect being tossed on rocks or maybe high speed fin impact at the right angle might do some damage. If one gets water inside, it can be repaired. We loaned a board to a guy who didn't tighten the vent plug. It sucked in water but was fix. No one could tell it has water inside. I'm still surfing that board. If you're ever down our way, you can take one out. Riding wood is nice.


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    Check out Gary Wilson. He's a shaper out of SC. I ride for him. He shapes great boards