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    Style Abortions Unite!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ihatelongboarders View Post
    helen keller could mind surf waves better than these dudes.

    interesting article in outside about a deaf dude paddling out with a blind dude:

    no joke.

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    You're probably just one of those rude, unfriendly kids that paddle out and think they're the ****.

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    Quote Originally Posted by henryk View Post
    You're probably just one of those rude, unfriendly kids that paddle out and think they're the ****.

    Nailed it.

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    chill out Balki
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    You knew this time of year was coming. Yes, we got to surf all the best spots alone in the dead of winter, but its spring time, water is getting more bearable for folks without big $ wetsuits, schools are out for spring break, and surfing restrictions are on the way.

    TOP IT ALL OFF WITH A 2 MONTH FLAT SPELL that should show up around mid-may and last until the tropics get going.


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    Wow, is F'in great to see a hater put in place. I read these forums and all i see is whine, whine and so on.
    MOST newbys know to stay clear of the inside--i certainly did when i was leaning and if you need to let out a "YO, look out" then do it--BFD.
    Localism is not what surfing is about--the stoke is, why not pass it on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fupafest View Post
    I said it to someone in the water on the 17th. "Shut up and surf" I didn't even know the kid but I had to defend him from this absolute prick. The kid (kooky) dropped on some longboarder. He got off as soon as he realized it was someone else's wave. The longboarder is literally racing to down the line to yell at the kid. "Shut up and surf" there was plenty of wave wasted b/c he wanted to bi*ch the kid out. Seriously, some ppl in the water are 5 years old and throw temper tantrums and ruin the vibe for everybody. Yes...there were kooks but again simply telling them what they did is ten times more effective that bi*ching. Just surf and enjoy it. We deal with enough As*holes out of the water. Lets make a movement to get THEM out of the water. Just b/c your "good" does not mean your entitled to talk to ppl any way you see fit. Nowadays you do not know who is trained and who is not. Keep it up and you'll be eating teeth. Show some respect even for the kooks or get the F*CK out the water!!! Lastly, if you were surfing a "kooky" beach doesn't that mean YOUR kooky...quaility was to be found EVERYWHERE!!!
    a longboarder getting on a kid for dropping in and being a kook?

    isn't this what they call ironic...don't cha think?

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    Spots were blowing up all over. The usuall spots were their usuall crowded (16) ... so i looked for a bar that happened to only have a few (4) heads out and a SOLID elevator to the top of the jetty... which by the way was almost imposible to stay on top of. SCREAMERS !!!! All other "rippers" were "dominating"

    It was a good time even though I had my stick snapped.
    I am a kook and nowhere near ripped
    I had a GRAND time.

    Keep hating.. hate Hate HAte

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    I like surfing with kooks once in awhile. It shows me how far ive come in my surfing. Why Dont u change your attitude a bit and maybe realize that some of those kooks are good people and are probably better at being a human than you are....