Hey everyone! This is my first post here, but I've read a LOT on here.

Anyway, I've been body boarding every time I can go to the beach for most of my life. I live about 2 and a half hours away from Jacksonville Florida, so that is where I usually go. I've started going even more often now, and am timing my visits with swells so I can try riding larger waves.

I'm still using the morey boogie I got when I was a kid. It's probably about 15 years old. lol
So I"m gonna get a new one this year, and need help selecting the right one. I really don't want to spend a TON of money on something that isn't necessary, but I DO want to get a decent board.

I don't even know where to start. What's the best brand? I've read that there are boards that are better for cold, or for hot weather etc. Drop knee, prone, combo. All that stuff has me confused. And a size chart I found said I should go for a 42.5. Is that right?

I'm 33 years old, 6'2 about 165-170 lbs. I've mostly ridden prone, but want to try drop knee and some tricks. Basically I just want a good quality all around board.

I've been looking at the following boards. Will these do? Or am I all on the wrong track? Do I need to look into something else? Thanks in advance!