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Biggest day for me was probably Bawa, Sumatra. Nothing huge but solid waves that were well overhead idk maybe 8-10. Cant say i surfed it that well either...Couple pix of average sized waves (some were a lot bigger and scared the crap outta me) from that day:

That Pic reminds me of Hurricane Agnes (Cat 4/5) that rolled up the Chespeake Bay June 25, 1972. The unpredicted last minute turn saved OC too. We thought the wind was going to blow the house of its foundation and the winds subsided late morning. We had to wade through knee deep water to the beach on 76th St. The winds were off-shore, Ocean was like glass with sets pumping in like your Pic, 3/6 waves per set. My Frye and I had one hell of a session. I don't remember another Hurricane so early in the year since Agnes.