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    i am 5'8 130 punds right now i ride an 5'11 aloha quick shift i wanted to buy a firewire around what size would you guys recomend

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    my friend has one and i've spoken to a number of people about these boards.

    basically, you should use the same length guidelines as for a traditional board.

    they have shapes that are wider/thicker (which you could ride shorter) and more
    competition type shapes - generally not ideal for the everyday surf we ride around NJ.

    they are not corky like surftech, if that's what you were thinking. the differences
    are mainly in the way they ride. the parabolic balsa rails project more around turns,
    kind of like the way a bodyboard bends into and out of a turn.
    some people hate it, some people like it. either way, if you buy one, you cant
    expect to immediately ride it as you would a normal board.

    a word of caution - if you ding it, you cant repair it like a traditional board. ask
    specifically about this before purchasing. a true repair involves reproducing the
    process they use to build these boards - vacuum bagging etc. the board lady
    does this for a price.