I look forward to each event especially since you can watch live on your mobile. Im not sure about you guys but this years tour line up seems a bit weak. It seems they want to focus what the "pros" can do on local waves. The wildcard events are NY and Ocean Beach, CA....Really!?! To me it just seems that the companies didnt want to put out extra effort to get permits, insurance ect. These events just seem a bit lazy. I like to see the pros surfing some exotic location on a "world class" wave NOT some local beachbreak that might work. I mean they scored Selina Cruz, Mex so good they made a whole DVD from just the contest...btw also putting it on the map creating jobs as well as an epic surf destination. I just think places like East Africa should be the focus of the next search. There are excellent waves on this coast but we need the big companies to pave the way.