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Thread: ASP World tour

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    I would think it is more about money then anything else. There is a lot of marketability in New York and San Francisco...
    exactly and theyll tear to pieces anything that comes their way thus proving their status

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    NY & Ocean beach

    NY and Ocean beach can get as good as anywhere in the world. Have you seen photos of OCean beach in the fall, the place is gets insane. NY in hurricane season, yeah its fickle, typically t it doesnt get 3 days straight of great surf (3 days is what is needed to comlete a contest) , but it could get one day with 1 foot overhead spitting drainers 100 feet of the beach, then the next day be light off shore clean shoulder high soft walls, then day 3 get chest high with some slight onshores. Lets look at the first two contest of 2011, Snapper wasnt firing on all cylinders for much of the contest.. Bells Beach has history, yeah Bells is a right point... but "firing bells" prdouces some of the more "boring" surf the tour rides. Lowers is percect head high A-frames when its on and the result is a high performance wave that lends to exciting surfing. I for one would rather see Jordy, Dane, Jadson and the new school contingent ramping up on chest high NY than top turn after top turn in 2 foot overhead crumbling bells. But thats just me. I love powerful carving surfing as much as the next guy, but I love a wave that pushes the limits of high performance surfing or insane barrels. I still prefer high performance surfing to 'watch" rather than a shackfest. The best way to decide a champion is to put the top 34 in the different waves around the world, from 8 foot pipe to 4 foot NY beach break. I think before we say how dumb the idea is we should see how it pans out, if the surf sucks in NY and San Fran then say it was stupid, come back on there and say " I told ya so" until then be amped that surf population in the US now has a chnace to see the worlds best on our shores 3 times, I am pumped about all 3 stops, we spend the money on the lifestyle and the sport and help to pay these top 34 salaries so yeah i want to see these guys surf our shores. Put money in the local beach economies in the US. I dont think there is anything wrong in bringing in 1 million dollars of revenue to these US surf towns!

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    How about the Search India, Yemen, Alaska, Canada, Greenland, or Russia. Those places would be wild.

    The NYC contest is not about surfing, it is about selling the sport and praying for a swell. The Search San Fran is about as lazy as it gets. How much searching did you have to do to find Ocean Beach?

    Now if they surfed some crazy mysto NorCal spot that was off the beaten path that would be neat, but it doesn't sound like it to me.