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I understand the artificial reef argument for surfer reasons, but the argument should be about banning construction of homes and mansions on the beach. Like making it 200 yards from the high tide mark. That would solve alot of problems, and wouldn't cost a dime. If a home within the zone is washed away you can't rebuild. This should take care of the problem in about 100 years.

Brigantine's (NJ) south end follows a similar rule, and they have never needed beach replenishment. whilst other nearby towns have spent millions in dredging and dumping sand, brigantine's south beaches have eroded very little.
Okay i am not a genius but Brigantine suffers with a ton of erosion. One reason why the South end does so well is due to the One Mile Jetty, that helps a lot. If you ever checked out the other side of the jetty like inlet side there is nothing really there anymore. When i was really little that is where i used to go to the beach. There would be sand almost a quarter mile out on the inlet side now there is absolutely nothing. Another thing is on the north end of Brigantine you have the Seawall but after that you have a 2 mile stretch of wildlife area with no houses at all. That under goes so much erosion some years its huge but then others at high tide you cant even make it to the point of the island and next inlet. And instead of dredging now they are moving by dump truck a ridiculous amount of sand funded by the state due to catastrophic storm we had early i forget one it was actually from though.