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    Unsound jr pro @ LB

    If anyone is interested you can view it live now and get a look at what ny's pro tour stop can look like...

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    Camera guy sucks!

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    Let's go Balaram Stack. Long Beach local. Hopefully he'll get into the main event too.

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    Mission Beach/Spring Lake
    Quote Originally Posted by Zeroevol View Post
    Camera guy sucks!
    haha my thoughts exactly. I think they have one camera guy on the beach then one camera on the commentators.

    Balsac punted a sickkk tweaked out air to take the lead in the Semi final heat #1 over Keanu asing.
    Goooo NY!

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    the live scores won't reload! Camera guys do suck, i agree. But waves look real fun and surfing is really good. hope balsac wins