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Thread: April 2011

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    April 2011

    A great stretch of waves. Between NJ and LI, I've had 5-6+ different OH days that had great conditions. Including today. I would call April 2011, a classic.

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    april rocked. we deserve it though, we had some flat spells this winter

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    best April ever

    i was also going to make a April thread because it was a really standout month.
    i feel like i surfed a head high swell once a week, with a few waist high days in between.

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    A stellar month, really consistent and with lots of epic

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    yeah what a way to turn around from winter.

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    i did have the best day in 6 months in april. arguably better than the best hurricane swell last year. i was in florida labor day weekend or leaving for florida i guess. the gulf coast, and i couldn't surf that friday when earl came, but i heard that was great. yeah less than mediocre winter, but a great april. hope it's not a last hurrah until late summer.