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    Question Board Wanted

    I'm looking to buy a used summer shortboard around 5'11 to 6'0. I'm willing to spend up to $225. If you have anyboards your willing to sell post them. I'm mostly looking for a JS industries summerboard or any other sort of thick shortboard.

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    I have got a 5'10 Hank Warner bat tail quad for sale. Its eps with parabolic rails. Asking 300. Board is brand new. ridden less than 15 times. or i have a kane garden quad fish 6'2. its in good condition its a great east coast summer board. 175

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    I have a 5'11 21-13 agent asking for $325 or a Firewire Taj model 5'11 for $325

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    Quote Originally Posted by GnarActually View Post
    I have a 5'11 21-13 agent asking for $325 or a Firewire Taj model 5'11 for $325
    whats the thickness and width for both boards

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    I'm really looking for a board similar to a dumpster diver, JS blak box

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    whats your weight and height?

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    I'm about 150 and 5'9"

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    id go shorter on the board... 5'11 would be just about the size of a hpsb. something low volume 5'11x18 1/8x 2 1/8, for a summer sb id match your height 5'9 and bump out the width an 1/8....unless your looking for something short and fat like a white diamond/subscorch/ dumpster diver etc. id go 5'5 or 5'6(at most)......i have a 5'9 and a 6'0 (pretty much new) im looking to sell heres the 5'9... not trying to come off like a sales pitch but thats what id go for. your dims are a little off. going to be hard to score a dd and anything fun like that

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    liveones any pictures of the kane garden , i live in vabeach

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    will get you some pics when i get home tonight.