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Thread: Board Wanted

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    Ive got a 5'11 JS Flyboy that im trying to sell

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    what are the dimensions of that 5' 11" JS flyboy, what is the price, and do you have pics

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    When i get home i will take a look at the exact dimensions and there is no set price. i was looking for around 225. I will also post a couple pics later

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    $225 sounds good to me as long as the boards in good condition of course, where are you located

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    Yeah the board is in good condition with a couple pressure dents and a professionally repaired ding on the nose. It's got cool board art too

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    and im located in rehoboth beach de

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    thats to far for me, im in northern nj

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    any other offers from NJ?

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    Not sure if its still there but 7th Street Surf Shop in OCNJ had a used 5'6" CI Dumpster Diver for sale, looked like it was in good shape. That was like a month or so ago though.

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    your kidding? Son of a *****....I JUST ordered a 5'6 DD last week