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Thread: How much rubber

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    No hood today, felt great. No more brain freeze.

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    monmouth county NJ, my buddy paddled out in boardshorts today and lasted for a good hour even though the winds were blowing pretty heavy onshore. water was abnormallly warm though compared to last week when i was out.

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    flatlock 3/2 with booties is good enough for me in south jersey now. but it was shockingly cold for the first 5 seconds as my suit instantly leaked through every seam! going from 543 to 3/2 is probably not recommended, but i lasted 2 hours and didnt get cold enough to want to go in.

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    3/2 & 3mil boots is fine in sj now...anything more than that, & i think you'll be too warm, hot even.

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    got cold saturday in 4/3 boots and gloves,got the warmest yet today no gloves 3/2.
    fluctuates like crazy now,like boots and gloves in july.

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