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    Smooth SUP

    Possibly looking at getting a SUP but do not want to spend a ton of cash, because I am not sure how much I will use it. I will be primarily using it on a lake and/or river for a change of workout. After searching on the Internet I came across Smooth SUPs for a decent price, anyone have any experience with them? Are they cheap and not worth it?

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    Well, I don't use SUPs but if you're primarily using it on a lake, it won't really matter if it's weaker than other SUPs. And I'm guessing if you used it in the ocean it would probably be like knee-thigh high, maybe waist to chest if you feel like seeing how it rides in waves like that. But cheap or not, those things are tanks and you should be good.

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    SUP's on a lake or river are barely a work out, unless its windy and choppy. In the surf , its a huge workout, more than prone surfing, at least when its less than glassy .
    Dont know about that brand, but from what ive seen, its just like surf boards, you get what you pay for.

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    looks like a good buy, quality, free shipping etc. go with the 12', it will be more stable and useable in more lake/ocean conditions and for family/friends to try. also, get a big hook from hawaii to help transport the board.

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    My buddy and I shape stand up boards; PM me what you're looking for in a board and I can get you a quote. Depending on size/glassing schedule/graphics, we could do cheaper than some online "pop out" board.

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    I have never used a "real" sup, but I have an old wind surfing board that was given to me that I use for just paddling around the river by my house with a long paddle I bought. It works just fine for that. I haven't tried it in the ocean yet.
    The one thing that I think a sup would do better is turn. The wind surfing board has channels that prevent the front from slipping when you want to turn, so you have to be far forward on it.
    Just another option for you. I'm sure you could find and old one for cheap or free.