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    Thanks for the help. We found this place called zipcar, they rent to college students at a decent price.
    They must be outta their godd*mn minds...haha jk...Have fun!

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    Hilton Head Island - OB, SD
    haha. Yeah, you can bring a 6.0 shortboard on the busses, but they are useless. You need 3 connections to get from PB to OB which is about 2 miles apart. Car is a must.

    Short and Sweet =)

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    yeesh, you're gonna be better off renting a 9' footer and paddling out at Tourmaline.

    P.S.----Don't even attempt to paddle out at PB Point. Not only will you probably get rocked, but it's probably the mushiest point wave on the planet. I honestly don't know what all the agro fronting is all about. But hey, Skip Frye is still a legend.