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    Two Longboards for Sale

    Hi all,
    I'm moving out to California (northern - SF bay area - looking forward to some tasty waves in Santa Cruz!!) and I'm selling my longboards since it is going to cost a small fortune to ship them. Hoping to pick up one or two longboards out there. They are both great riding boards - one "brand name" but with some repaired dings and other pristine but a pop-out. Both ride fantastic. Say you heard about the boards on swellinfo and I'll knock $20 off the price - $280 each. (You're not going to see a Stewart longboard for that price that often).
    Here's the listing:

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    Hi Matt,

    I sent you a message from your Craigslist listing.


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    The Stewart sold but the Isle is still available. $260 if you mention SwellInfo.

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    I sent you a message on that craigslist e-mail,please shoot me an email at Hope to hear from you!

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    I am very interested in this board! I sent you a message, on the craigslist reply name. Please e-mail me as soon as possible at so we can meet up.