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Thread: Griffin Modfish

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    Cheap too only couple sessions on it

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    This isn't sold yet? Huh???

    Someone in Va Bch grab this today! The fins alone and board shipping fee from Hawaii would be $275! Super high quality board from one of the best HPSB shapers with huge cred. Plus its epoxy (more $$$) Check the design forum of SurferMag.

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    Bump to the top and will take 250 go grab it off the consignment rack at WRV

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    Griffin is a great shaper and his fins alone are worth ordering a board from him. The fins that come wih his boards are made by Greg specifically for that board.
    I know, I own a 5 fin fish.
    This board on HI or CA would've been long gone.

    BTW, avoid the erDesign Forum and you wont go broke.