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Thread: Trunking it?

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    i done wore trunks and booties yesterday morning for at least an hour an a half in monmouth county. i got out cuz i was tired, not cuz i was cold. i recon' i was able to cuz it was like 85 degrees and sunny.

    i felt like i was paddling 1000 miles an hour without the rubber

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    trunks & booties....a fashion-don't.

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    I went out yesterday afternoon in the VB area, kinda depressing after a whole week in CR, but I had a good session.

    You can definitely trunk it now, just maybe add a jacket for morning sessions. I was burning up inside my spring suit, even took off the top portion for the last 30 minutes.

    The crowds are definitely on it, the spot I go to isn't that popular, and there were a few guys there, summer surfers or tourists. I'm looking at the 1st street cam now and its definitely summer on the oceanfront. I won't see that place again until after labor day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JonAngot12 View Post
    trunks & booties....a fashion-don't.
    don't hate cuz you couldn't pull it off.

    but seriously, **** fashion i'm tryin to keep my little piggies warm.

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    Trunks and rash guard on wednesday in OCMD. Waves were fun so we were moving around with my 11 year old and we were both fine. The day before we had 3/2 and we were roasting. I don't think we are done with the suits yet, but if the air temp. is real warm...