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Thread: Trunking it?

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    mr. powers tells no lie hot as balls even at dusk i trunkd it schwing

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    Im trucking it but wearing 5 mill gloves, 7 mill boots and 8 mill hood.

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    trunked (bikinied) it for about a half hour this morning in delaware...i had to try it because the air was so warm! i was on my 9'0 though...definitely would not have made it as long if i was on a shortboard. i think a springsuit is the way to go right now...

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    Trunkin' it on OBX this past weekend for the first time. Ahh summertime is on its way!! It felt great to finally shed that heavy a** body armor.

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    I decided to dive in today w/ boardies just to mess around (MonC). Surprisingly it was a lot warmer than I thought. Probably somewhere from 63-65. I stood in for like 20 minutes just body surfing without being cold whatsoever.

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    went out from about 11;30 to 3;30 i was burning up in my 3/2. my best friend, and i longboarded the whole early afternoon. i met him out there. he was just in his 3/2, i brought some boots, and my 3/2. kept the boots on that whole session. got out, and met another buddy of ours at around 4;00. he brought us some hero's, and we had some lunch, and we went back out with him, and his son around 4;30. i lost the boots, and i'm a ***** with my feet. like i said i'm more reluctant to lose the boots than the suit sometimes. i surfed until after 8;30 with no boots. it felt good. i could have trunked it if i wanted to.

    another favorite reason to just trunk. it's so much easier! i love trunking when i realize how much time i waste putting the suit on, taking it off, dragging, and dripping wet all through the house. can't wait to trunk. next week for sure if the weather stays like this. next week until october. mid october would be great like last year.

    also saw some dudes just taking a dip today. they shivered for a minute, but then they seemed good. saw a couple 4/3's today, and they didn't last too long before that got hot, and miserable, and left. saw a lot of the smaller spring suits too.
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    caught a day in rodanthe a couple weeks back where gulf stream pushed in and was more than trunkable.

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    sufers supplies in OC NJ is predicting the water temp will rise to 67 or higher this weekend due to this swell coming in. Lets hope it actually gets that warm!!

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    Trunk'n with a 2mil longsleeve rashy.Va Beach

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    got some marginal surf midtown ocmd tuesday am. wore my 2mil short arm, definitely could've trunked it...