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    Sunday 5/15 worth it?

    Monmouth County NJ cams look pretty choppy and unorganized--worth the drive?

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    Monmouth County, NJ
    Again with this BS???........all post like this should be immediately destroyed to never return again....

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    it seems like every time there a swell over knee high some kook puts this thread up.

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    Really assh*le? I was just looking for some insite from someone who paddled out this AM before I make the trek. I swear its and even split of d*ck heads as there are cool people who surf: I've never seen this in any other sport.
    If you were all real surfers (myself included) we wouldnt be screwing around with these crappy east coast bumps anyway.

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    Northender Guest
    does that make us fake surfers?

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    small,no shape.hope it builds as forecast later

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    I think most people are tired of this type of thread - any thread involving what thickness of suit, or if a day is going to be worth a drive. If you've gotta ask, its probably not (to you anyway). Just my opinion though

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    Just don't even look at the thread if you guys don't like it. The guy's just looking for some help.

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    It was perfect this morning, you missed out if you didnt get any

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    haha, here we go again!