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    Lee whats a regular shortboard glass jb run? any idea wit themputting in the FCS fusion plugs? Just curious

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    Quote Originally Posted by bushwood View Post
    Im glad you came on and got started shaping. Everyone starts somewhere man and yeah your not going to be a great shaper the first time you pick up a planer. Shaping sticks is an art form, so yes it takes years to develope your craft. Good luck to you, and like i said I wasnt trying todown your boards in anyway just wanted to make sure that a fellow VB surfer is getting what he was looking for in way of boards. Im a a board design ho, love the way a few tweaks to concave or vee can take a board from ok to amazing. I do CAD work for a living so I am drawing up new board outlines all the time for myself and my friends when they need boards. I have a pretty good feel for what works for me and by watching my friends and the way they surf I have been able to get them on some boards they fit their surfing also. Keep mowing foam SJ the only way to get better. Did you "apprentice" under anyone or just pick up the planer and start mowing foam?
    Thanks for saying so man, and yeah i did 2 boards with Ron Mellot at first, but boards 3-19 were pretty much just me so it was alot of trial and error, but i think now that i'm working with Ed Townes who really knows glassing technique i figure they can only get better. And thats awesome that you do CAD, i wish i had more patience for advanced design aspects, i still think i have alot to learn as far as that field goes. Anyway, much respect. Oh btw, cost of a glass job ranges from $150-$300 depending on Poly/Epoxy, but probably around $200 for your standard shortie with FCS plugs and 4+6/4 cloth with Poly resin.

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    A couple of old round pin 8'4 longboards that I learned on, but always keep around for our average VB 1-2ft mush and good learning boards for teaching others, 7'0 hybrid type (not sure best way to describe it) more fish shaped swallow tail w/shallow crack and little bump wing tail (paddles into anything easy) and 6'4 more traditional thruster w/very shallow narrow swallow tail.