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    Pee in your wettie?

    There was a discussion in the patagonia thread regarding peeing in your wetsuit. Figured I'd start a thread about it. Tried to make a poll, but it doesn't work.

    I pee in my wetties a bunch. Never thought of it as anything but glorious. Didn't even think people would torture themselves by holding a good pee in, but apparently lots of people make that decision. It almost freaks me out more for the people that don't pee in their wetties...your bladder must be angry.


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    how do you not pee when your in the ocean?

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    I always take a leak before I pull the suit on, trying to minimize the situation. But let's face it... if you're in the water for a few hours, chances are, you're gonna have to pee. I go for it. I try to pee after I walk up the beach, and I'm standing in the water timing my paddle out. I figure all the water from the top of the suit is draining out the bottom, and gravity is gonna pull the pee down and out with all that water. I see guys in the lineup getting off their boards and floating in the water peeing, and I think that the warm, less dense pee is gonna actually work it's way UP the suit, compared to the cold, dense water around the suit.

    So... if you wanna soak in your own waste for as long as possible (hey... maybe you're freezing cold and trying to extend your session) dismount and pee all over yourself. But if you just want to piss and get on with the show, pee standing on the beach.

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    Psh of course i do, any surfer or sponger who surfs year round and has worn a suit for a cold session is not only silly for not draining the lizard mid-surf but missing out on an awesome source of warmth. why not? the stuff is sterile as they say.

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    I praise pissing in my wettie.. warms me up and just feels like sex!