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    Anyone who says they don't is lying or doesn't stay out very long.

    But here's the real question: Have you ever dropped suit in the lineup and let a log go? I've only ever done it in a spring suit, that's pretty easy to do. I have a friend who I've seen do it in 45 degree water in the early winter, fully suited. In the summer time when I'm wearing board shorts I do it for crowd control. The rule is down current from your friends.

    I've also had to dig out a 'turtle's nest' on the beach on a really cold winter morning dawn patrol session. Luckily there was some old busted sandbags I got to use as tp. And of course it was nice that no one was on the beach to see the spectacle.

    I forgot another one. I usually chug a ton of water before I go out. Sometimes I end up having to pee so bad that I'm running to the water. I don't like to waste a good pee before I suit up so I try to save it for the water. Well sometimes it just doesn't work out that way and I'll start peeing while I'm walking down to the water. I try not to do it until I get to the water but that's just because I don't want people to see it, I don't really care if they walk through my pee on the sand.

    I have to admit that's pretty wretched, but it happens and I know I'm not the only one. So have you ever peed in your wet suit before you even paddled out? I'm such a heathen.
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    I praise pissing in my wettie.. warms me up and just feels like sex!
    Dude, what kind of sex are you having????