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haha you can never tell which hermosas and matapolo's are any good! I have found excellent surf at the hermosa near Jaco and also at the one just to the south of dominical & dominicalito. Just look at the map and do a little exploring. This time of the year big swells come through and shut down all of the beach breaks for a few days while coves and points are pumping. From the geography of that spot you listed I would say that you will find waves A>O>K> Pura Vida dude, i was there this time last year and it pains me to watch the sh*tty vb cams when I know how much CR is firing!
I can't second this enough. We were in Playa Grande last July and the first couple of days the swell angle was dead straight on, conditions were a mess. We could have gone south into Tamarindo where it would be cleaner but crowded. Instead we drove north and found spots that were protected and uncrowded. It's amazing how much swell can wrap into some of those coves, and how groomed it gets. My son and I had a spot that was waist+ and clean all to ourselves. It that same wave had been breaking anywhere in Delmarva in July there would have been 50 guys on it.

Some very cool spots in CR aren't on the maps. And there are points to surf up there. But you need 4-wheel SUV to really take advantage.

Good luck. I think you'll find waves.