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    Jimmy Keith Green Room??

    Went to Green Room to ask about a Jimmy Keith Custom. They said they are only doing customs from the west coast. Anyone know how i can order one? Who is Jimmy Shaping for now?

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    wb and you can find me at crystal and sweetwater and all over wb.
    southend surf shop. and jimmy himself.

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    Jimmy K

    Contact Hunter.
    He has a post on Craig's list as well with his number.
    I think they are running a special through the 28th.

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    Surfboards are available exclusively through South End Surf Shop (910.256.1118) or directly through the website,

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    Green Room Board Co does continue to produce custom epoxy/EPS surfboards and paddle boards out of the newly renovated and re-tooled Wilmington factory. We have three customs orders coming out this week! We opened the California factory last fall in response to the overwhelming demand for our high quality surfboards. The Green Room label is also being sold in California, Florida, South Carolina, and Puerto Rico. We currently have 30 fresh sticks on the Wilmington production floor that will be in the shop after the Memorial Day holiday. Stop by the retail shop for details! 910-799-2772

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    The shaper from Greenroom isnt Jimmy himself anymore. Im not sure how the difference in local knowledge has changed the quality and awesomeness though. Personally I think Jimmy would be the best way to go considering he lives on the east coast and knows the waves a well as anyone. A shaper from Cali wouldnt exactly know how weak our waves are, especially a 2ft shorebreak wave. I have been going to Jimmy for the past couple of years and his boards are amazing.