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Thread: is it worth it?

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    is it worth it?

    Today the forecast said choppy and waist high. Surfline said 2-3 and poor. I got home and saw that the winds had died. Decided to head to the beach and its under-called, glassy, and pumpin'. Sick top to bottom waves. Just me and my buddy. Is it worth it? You tell me

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    Great job!!!!

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    haha thanks. I was sort of tanked when i got home last night. Its like drunk dialing swellinfo. It is a stab at all of these "is it worth it" threads. The moral or the story- yes, sometimes it is. Oh yeah, go f*ck yourself
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    "yes... sometimes" hahaha! perfect!

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    Everyday this week on my ride to work the winds have been calm if not absolutely still. But by 4 o'clock they've picked up and started blowing up out the south at 10-15 if not higher. However, it looks like my luck my turn around this evening.

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    When i seen this thread at first i thought it was foreal. Im a calm guy but it started to get my blood pumping haha. Those threads are annoying. seriously