Mine came least year in Bradly.Pretty decent size day.Current was really strong.I had my long board out.I kept on getting closer and closer to one of those huge runoff pipes with the current pulling me.The pipe goes out almost as far as the jetty.It was like low tide so the front of the pipe was exposed.Between the current and the swells it just kept pushing back and pulling me closer to the pipe.I couldn't gain any ground so I abandoned my board.Next thing I know,Im right in front of the opening of the pipe probably a foot away.One wave from being pushed into the opening of the thing.Thank God I drifted around the other side.Now my board was on the other side of the pipe.My leash got tangled around the bottom of the pipe.A set of swells came in and started to pull me under.Im not even positive of how I got out,it happened so fast but I believe I took my leash off and pulled my board with my hands.I paddled to the beach ,took a 20 miute break and went back out for a new appreciaton for pipes and jettys.