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Thread: got the time??

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    Quote Originally Posted by ColonelSanders View Post
    Surfed without a watch for a long time, but now that I wear one, I could never go back! I just love being able to stay out til the last possible minute for one more wave, rather than having to get out early, "just in case" you are late.

    amen u are a winner!.. And its just nice to see where your at in the tide stage.. I have the vestal brig.. Excellent
    watch. I cant wear it when I have gloves and 5/4 suit on.. just too thick.. but now shes on.

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    i rock a watch when i have to, but i prefer to go w/out. post-work sessions, weekend sessions, non-work day sessions get no watch, every other one gets one, even in the winter...just strap that bugger over top everything!

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    I like the sessions where you have nowhere you need to be after so you have no need for the watch, just stay out and surf for however long you want. Its definitely nice to have one when you need to though, then you can stay out until the last minute. I'm actually just about to buy one online haha.