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Thread: best surf logo?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GnarActually View Post
    roxy. even thought its a girls brand its damn creative
    +1 that is a damn good one, for the longest time I never realized it was two quiksilver logos

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    I like a lot of the logos of the 70's and 80's... the tripped out bubble letters... crazy art like the concert posters of that time.

    I'd have to say as a rule, my favorite logos that have nothing to do with surfing... Skip Frye's wings... the Bing logo is cool... the old Mark Richards Designs logo with that bad a$$ lizard... the Gordon and Smith logo is classy. Even the Rusty R is kinda cool as a simple graphic.

    If it has a wave or a surfboard in it, it has to be hidden... camouflaged so you have to really look to see it.
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    Kool list, you must like Grey Poupon too, only addition is (old) Con Surfboards Butterfly logos

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    Billabong - "Only a surfer knows the feeling"
    The Hot Tuna crazy looking fish
    Da Hui's is pretty sweet, simple, but u know what it is.
    I think someone said, Jimmy'z

  5. #25 for boards for a new clothing company

    Both cool people...