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    methos???? method........need more coffee

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    who'sthat - haha thanks guys. Yeah we have purchased quailty shirts even though they were a little more expensive and we're doing screen printing over digital for quality purposes also.

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    lee and brek - yeah we have some pretty simple graphic tee's now and would like to keep them pretty clean in the future also. Haha no dbag ED Hardy tee shirts or anything!

    mikey - Yeah we spent extra cash to make sure the shirts were good quality! Want a shirt that will last and not shrink and look like crap after a wash.

    Robg - Thanks rob! We're looking into a lot of those things! Thanks for the input

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    heres a few pics of some of the samples
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    Swellinfo has sold a bunch of tees, and everyone cares about quality of the tee as much as the design. So, while more expensive, it is worth spending more for the quality stuff.

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