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    ..with Steve Walden pushing it, it will happen....coming soon to YOUR lineup

    see below....
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    On the market this summer, according to board maker Steve Walden.

    As he produces more & more of these things, the price will fall & more of these things will be in the water.

    Remember these last days of pure surfing, fellas, because the kook universe is about to take over the waves.

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    No way... won't be tolerated... at least where I live... I just lost a lot of respect for Walden.

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    i don't think it'll catch on. aquajet surfboard, anyone?
    this sort of thing has been tried before & failed. i think this will be the same thing. like stranded said, it won't be tolerated.

    not to mention the fact that, at least here in the midatlantic, the paddle isn't really long enough to justify such a thing on all but the biggest of days (even then it's a stretch). & i have a feeling that, not being duck divable, the board will just get pushed back to the beach as it tries to punch through the impact zone. then the battery will run out & the person will be stuck. i bet that would be entertaining to watch, tho! just picture it: guy w/ a powered board (aka: more $$ than brains) mistimes the sets & tries to paddle out while a solid, hurricane generated 8-10ft set rolls through. it'd be like watching someone in a little fishing dory try to punch through!

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    In our waters, the intake will clog.......and hopefully Mr. shark likes the vibrating lure more bettah....

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    its like motorized skateboards...

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  9. ^^ not with the steve walden article...

    The people out on the water will be treated like SUPers so I think most of the people who have these will be surfing alone.

    AND the thing is 13 pounds heavier than a regular surfboard. I'd like to see people do the same maneuvers on this thing as they do on a regular surfboard..
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    Please excuse my attitude, but...

    old people think technology is the next step. Young people hate technology and want to drive woody's and ride alaia's. Such a conundrum. VB is so packed full of kooky longboarders, 50 something "im still cool" SUP riders, and elitest pre-teen "locals", I dont even see it effecting me. I hate you all anyways, thats why I surf in sandbridge.

    Pura vida, 8==> heads!